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Sponsor a model is for our amazing Spokesmodels. You select which model to sponsor and recieve a free digital MagFolio of the model your sponsoring. The proceeds raised from sponsorship goes back to them. They are able to attend events for free, have regular features throughout Oz Babes Media Group and further network publications and many other benefits.

Sponsor Tara-Lea Downes

  • Model Sponsorship of $12.50 - 1 x MagFolio Digital Edition

    Model Sponsorship of $25.00 - 1 x MagFolio Digital Edition + Tear Sheet Pack

    Model Sponsorship of $50.00 - 2 x MagFolio Digital Editions + Tear Sheet Pack .

    Model Sponsorship of $350.00 - For spokesmodels full sponsorship means their annual subscription is renewed for the year. You recieve all featured MagFolio's + every event edition your model has been published in including future events + tearsheets.   

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