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All Oz Babes Magazine events have GUARANTEED PUBLICATIONS.

Our events will give you the opportunity to build on your portfolio, HMUA, Model or Photographer.

Feedback Form
You are a
1. Were the locations suitable
2. Briefed me on relevant WHS matters
3. Was the event conducted in a professional and safe manner
4. Was clear instruction given for posing or photography
5. Made sure I had enough opportunities to seek clarification
6. Used interpersonal skills (coaching and/or communication) to enhance a fun event
7. Used relevant resources, surroundings, light reflector if needed, flash if needed
8. Provided and invited feedback (asked if I was comfortable with poses or posing)
9. Summarised key points throughout
10. Was relaxed and confident

I felt my hosts were

Created a comfortable environment

Thanks for submitting!

See you at the next event

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